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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 22, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news, tonight, a car jumps a curb and crashes into two people. we just learned both of them have died. >> this happened at 27th and north gate in oakland at alta bay hospital. that is where juliette goodrich is tonight with the latest for us. juliette? >> reporter: ken, this is a tough one, we are at the scene at 27th street and north gate avenue. as you were just saying, yes, this white car reportedly jumped a curb, striking and killing two people. the driver remained on the scene and is cooperating with oakland police as we have been
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told. one of the victims died at the scene, the other was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at the hospital. both victims believed to be male. both of them underneath the 980 overpass. as far as the speed of the car or why it jumped the curb, we don't have that information. but the driver is cooperating. we are sat the scene of 27th street and north gate avenue. that's the latest we know now. we will gather more information and bring it to you as soon as we know. >> thank you juliette goodrich. in san francisco, a death defies plunge. a window washer fell off the roof of this building onto that moving car and survived. it happened at 10:00 this morning at a building on montgomery and california in the financial district. andria borba is at san francisco general tonight. >> reporter: well liz, doctors say the laws of physics are
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simple. you fall more than nine stories and you should die, but there is a man in here in critical but stable condition who defied those laws thanks to someone being in the right place at the right time. >> i just saw a blue object and then, the crash onto the car, and then i saw as it rolled off, it was a body. it was a person. >> reporter: the margin between tragedy and luck was the length of a camry. 130 feet up. an unharnessed window washer plummeted only to land on mohammad alcozai's car. >> i was coming looking for parking. coming from montgomery. >> reporter: mohammad alcozai was supposed to be in walnut creek, but a canceled appointment brought him to the financial district. >> the impact was really loud
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and hard. i deny know what happened. >> reporter: he thought he had hit a bicyclist only to discover a window washer lying on the street. >> he wasn't completely flat on the ground, but he was kind of like, his hands and feet were high. he was sitting on his bottom. he was shaken pretty bad. >> reporter: so was mohammad alcozai. in another stroke of fortune, the window washer tumbled through the air and landed behind the drivers seat. a few more inches could have been fatal. >> when i look at my car, and i see it was completely smashed. the top of my car was completely smashed. the only place that wasn't is where i was sitting. >> reporter: there are severe injuries and insurance nightmares to be dealt with, but for mohammad alcozai's wife, there is only this. >> it is my husband's lucky day we lost our car, but who cares. >> reporter: pay are not
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allowed to talk because of the investigation of what happened today. live in san francisco hospital, andria borba, kpix5. >> the story really is amazing. let's zoom into 400 montgomery. the window washer was up 11 stories. his terrifying fall lasted 2.8 seconds and he hit the car at an estimated 60 miles an hour. investigators have not determined if the window cleaning company was at fault. sentry window cleaners. osha cited them several times in 2008 for training personnel. let's take a live look outside. we got a break from the rain today, but paul, round three is just hours away. >> it is already knocking on the door of the north bay.
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about a 24 hour break from the rainfall, but another round of rain will be here before you get up. here is a look at the kpix5 high-def doppler showing you can rainfall. making some quick progress south of eureka, south of ukiah. it will work its way down highway 101 to sonoma county, solano county, marin county, crossing the golden gate tomorrow morning. future cast, here it comes. there's the rainfall. 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. it is all throughout the north bay and the entire bay area by 10:00 in the morning. making plans to go outside on saturday? if it is before lunchtime, you will need an umbrella. we will talk about your forecast all the way to thanksgiving coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks paul. let's talk about boston. they are making a serious play for the panda. a bidding war is heating up. vern glenn? >> reporter: let the official bidding war for pablo sandoval
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begin. the boston red sox want to show him the money big time. they have come in with five years and $95 million. we knew that pablo had visited boston earlier in the week. he met with the red sox monday and tuesday and flew back wednesday. on wednesday, that is when the giants spoke to sandoval's agent and again, on later, maybe a little later on in the day. they offered apparently five years, $90 million. no word on whether there is an option to make it six years which may be, might be able to sweeten the deal. it could be more than just the giants and the red sox bidding because the blue jays are in the mix. the san diego padres today met with his agent at his home in miami. and the pads reportedly want to make some sort of substantial offer as well. so the giants, they expect the decision on whether he is staying or going by thanksgiving and that is just six days from now.
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one thing is for sure, pablo sandoval is going to be a very rich man when it is said and done. >> it sounds like they are going to give the giants a shot to match the deal. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm meeting now to figure out what we could counter if if i'm the owners. who knows how high they can go. >> the giants will decide how much they want to spend. thanks vern. we will talk to you in a minute. tonight, in what could be a scary preview of protests in ferguson, missouri, the fbi arrested two men for allegedly buying explosive materials. they may have wanted to use them during antipolice protests. police in riot gear have been clearing out protesters in front of police headquarters. they are waiting on the grand
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jury's decision to indict a white police officer for charging a black teenager. the grand jury decision is expected any day. and tonight, cate caugurian shows us a bay area group that is helping protesters keep an eye on the police. >> reporter: the country watched as a small town in missouri made headlines. >> it was a broad based movement of people in america who are not happy about what they are seeing. >> reporter: and that inspired a movement of neighborhood watchdogs. >> we found that it is up to the people to take care of ourselves. >> reporter: jacob crawford started we cop watch last year. >> when i started cop watching in 2000, we didn't have youtube, camera phones. >> reporter: now they are everywhere and we cop watch wants to make sure these cameras are pointed at the police. >> police are less inclined to hurt people when they are being video taped and watched but if anything does happen, we have
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the documentation. >> reporter: we cop watch has been raising money to hand out these body cameras to protesters and are working on developing the wireless cameras so they can transmit safely to a place like a cell phone. the organization is raising money to put these cameras in the hands of more people in placing like ferguson. often time it is bad behavior is on both sides. could this hold activists accountable for their actions as well? >> well i think that the police are very well funded and that is not my role. personally as a cop watcher. i'm there to make sure that the police act in accord indianapolis with the law. so as far as protests, i don't work for the police, i work for the people. >> reporter: cate caugurian, kpix5. well, a pe teacher ... >> the group says not only do they offer cameras to monitor officers, but we cop watch works to educate people about their rights and what police and can't do. >> now we can talk about the pe
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teacher in stockton who tried to drag a teenage girl kicking and screaming into a swimming pool. tonight, betty yu has the video. >> reporter: the 14-year-old girl in this video is clearly trying to get away from her pe teacher. denny peterson. at one point, she kicked him in the stomach trying to get him to stop. what started it all? the student who only wants to be identified as miss garcia says she did get in the pool and swam the lap. but she refused to put her head underwater. >> my hair looks cute. he said you always look cute. and that made me feel really uncomfortable. >> reporter: so, she got out of the pool and walked out. >> and he closed the door on me. and they told me to run because he was going to come after me. >> reporter: she says peterson followed her up the bleachers. she made it clear she was uncomfortable. >> i saw him coming after me. so i was panicking and i threw
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the water at him. >> reporter: that is when peterson tried to drag her into the pool. you can hear him say to other students to tickle her. >> it was not about discipline. it was about you don't want to get your hair wet? i will make you. >> reporter: miss garcia and her friend who took the video went to school authorities right after this class. garcia says she has bruises from trying to fight off her teacher. peterson is now facing a misdemeanor. well, this all took place last summer. miss garcia and her attorney says they are considering a lawsuit. the school district put the teacher on paid administrative leave. he has worked with the district for ten years. we learned he has no history of complaints with the school. >> that is really tough. when a kid says no, you have to respect that. >> reporter: her attorney says she said no, she meant no. >> for whatever reason. >> thanks betty. well, did the fukushima
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afghanistan... can say he me good on a promise. oc: "playing of star spangl banner." captain derek herrera receid >> a marine can say he made
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good on a promise paralyzed by a sniper's bullet in afghanistan. >> captain derrick herrera received the bronze star today. he retired after eight years of service. he managed to walk and stand up with the help of robotic leg braces burg the ceremony. that is something he vowed to do after he was injured in combat two years ago. also tonight, a federal judge has ruled u.s. sailors can file a lawsuit. and seek damages for what happened to them in japan three- and-a-half years ago. it has been over three years since navy lieutenant steve simmons ship, the uss ronald reagan got the call to go help survivors of a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami in japan. the quake triggered a melt down at the fukushima power plant.
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sailors got orders to scrub the decks, stop drinking the ship's water and seal up the ventilation system when the ship sailed into the nuclear plume. >> we sat there over five hours. >> reporter: all the while, the commander insisted there was no danger. within months? >> uncontrolled fevers. fevers of unknown origins. no idea why they happen. severe night sweats. >> reporter: soon, he was in a wheelchair unable to walk. still, he says, military doctors would never tell him what exactly was wrong with him. >> every one of them wanted to discredit the radiation as a possible issue. >> reporter: in a final report to congress, the department of defense found radiation doses for sailors on the ship to be less than exposure on an airplane flight from los angeles to tokyo. >> the coasts assumed to be present on board the uss reagan
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may have been underreported. >> reporter: dr. robert gould points to transcripts of telephone calls that recently came to life in which a navy administrator said radiation doses were about 30 times what would you detect on a normal air sample. much higher than the dod estimates. >> there is more information that has come out. i would think you would have to look at the entire situation. >> reporter: that hasn't happened yet. but hundreds of sailors including simmons are not waiting. >> these sailors have come down with leukemia, testicular cancer. >> reporter: charles bonner has filed a billion dollars lawsuit on behalf of over 200 of them. under federal law, he can't sue the u.s. government: but he says the case is clear against the tokyo electric power company. >> they didn't have any fire trucks, no batteries to pump water into the reactors which
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at the time were melting down. >> reporter: after 16 years of service, lieutenant simmons was able to retire with full benefits this year. he hopes the lawsuit will help younger sailors who have had to retire with no pension or medical coverage. >> one of the things they always taught is first, last, and always. take care of your sailors no matter what and we are not doing that now. >> reporter: we asked the tokyo electric power company for comment. they referred us to the final report that finds it implausible that low level doses of radiation are the cause of the sailor's illnesses. we posted their statement and the navy's statement on tomorrow, bart's new connector from the coliseum station to the oakland airport officially opens. there was a ribbon cutting ceremony today afterwards. the public got the chance to take a free ride to check it out. trains will run every five minutes during peak hours.
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the driverless tram replaces the shuttle buses. well pets in need of a home are back for the holidays tonight in union square. >> but as christin ayers shows us, it was a feline made famous by the internet for its frown that stole the show. >> reporter: they started lining up early at macy's in union scaringly love her so much. watching and waiting for hours to see the original grumpy face. >> grumpy cat herself! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: she sat on a red cushion surrounded by lights and cameras, faced her fans, and promptly fell asleep while her owner looked on. >> what is it about grumpy cat that everyone loves? >> obviously, her cute face. i'm not sure if you got a good shot of that. >> reporter: oh, we did. so did the hundreds of others of people in line to get her
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autograph. one frowny face after another. just one catch. >> we can't pet her. we can take pictures of her. that is good enough for me. >> reporter: the point of this, to promote her less famous feline friends. these kittens on display and up for adoption in the macy's holiday window. >> we are so thankful for grumpy cat to kick off this event for us. grumpy cat is here to promote her own movie but she is not really impressed. >> reporter: her fans, however, say it was all worth it to see the face that has launched a thousand memes. >> it makes people smile. it brings people joy. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix5. >> do your best grumpy cat impression. >> then you fall asleep. >> when it rains and you are happy. >> i can't frown when it is going to rain. >> drought face. [ laughter ] >> it is raining! it felt like a normal november week this week.
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we got rain wednesday, rain coming up saturday. wonderful news for our drought. nowhere close to ending it, bu it's a start. we will see you a beautiful picture from treasure island to the city. the building lighting was a couple of hours ago, doesn't it look gorgeous? now you can say it is holiday time because we are all lit up. rain is coming to san francisco tomorrow. the rain is headed to us. the majority of the heavy rainfall will miss us. it will stay to the north, but lo and behold, more rain coming up saturday. even for you in the south bay. san jose, good evening, your weekend will be one day that is wet tomorrow. and one day that is sunny. that is sunday. we have niners games down there against washington. 68 degrees the high sunday. but rain is coming up tomorrow. we are been giving numbers because we have so many rain chances this week. this is round three. round three is coming in. notice the heavy rainfall to the north and over some of the
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reservoirs in far northern california. more good news there. but the jet stream is aimed o the north this time unlike yesterday when we got the heaviest rainfall. far northern georgia and southern oregon will get the most stuff. back to the dry. ridge of high pressure builds back in. storm track way up to the north. this will last from sunday all the way through thanksgiving. after tomorrow, the next rain chance is not until black friday. quarter of an inch for you in hayward. more in napa. more in mendocino county. now, let's talk about the timing. it gets here early tomorrow monoing. light to moderate rainfall throughout the morning to about lunchtime. the rain will be finished tomorrow afternoon. dinner plans will not be affected by the rainfall. san jose tomorrow, 67 with some showers for you. palo alto, union city, also the mid 60s for pittsburgh and dublin. sonoma, 68. showers in cloverdale.
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a meeting with the author of "gam >> a san jose teen dying of cancer got his ultimate bucket list wish today. >> a meeting with the author of game of thrones. george r. r. martin. he flew in to spend the afternoon with 17-year-old alex matloscox. and doctors have given him less than two weeks to live. generous donors have helped him cross off items on his bucket list in the last few weeks. >> great day. well paul, we have seen you change a bit dramatically over the past month for movember. grown a little facial here. here we go. >> there is paul, november 3 on the 3 on the left. less trustworthy but happy paul on the right. we are doing this to raise money and awareness for cancer research search.
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we have raised nearly $20,000 here at cbs. i want to tell you more information about movember. >> i'm looking the look. >> it is not bad. >> it is different, it feels different. >> speaking of a good look ... >> i couldn't grow it if i tried. i have this baby face. i'm sorry. >> what about some of the facial hair on those warriors? >> dell me about it. warriors look to string together four straight wins. and the latest on what team apparently is the leader in the pablo sandoval sweep stakes. fact. fast-acting advil is designed with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core technology stopping headaches and other tough pain. fast. relief doesn't get any better than this.
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nexium level protection™ >> baseball on top. i think it is only fitting that hunter pence leads this one off. yes, sir. within the next six days, we will know the uniform pablo sandoval will be wearing for the next five or six seasons. as we told you at the top of the broadcast. he has an offer on the table from the boston red sox, five years, $95 million. closer to the giants reported offer of five years, $90 million. the padres are in the mix as well. larry bear and brian scevia have some decisions to make. let's go to a little college basketball. out of this one, we are in the
2:09 am
garden. 2k classic. the other way, it is david crabbish finning it off. look at the ball moving by the long horns. it is prince ebay with the jam. texas won the tournament 71-55 at the garden. now over in brooklyn, barclay center. stanford in white against unlv. on the end bound, jason randall left open. stanford left 12-0 and they just ran away aid hand. 14 three-pointers. rosco allen. they are going to face duke in tomorrow's coaches versus cancer final. not a good luck. san jose state quarterback blake jrich injured and it was downhill. utah state has a guy named kit myers. he's pretty fast. he's gone! 60 yards for the score and the
2:10 am
aggies. it is a beat down for the spartans 41-7. we will tell you about the golden state warriors, six players in double figures as they took utah and ran them out of the building. why am i using my hand motion? because of the machine, it ate the highlights. warriors win it ,,,,,,,,,,
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